We got a very familiar travel itch 3 days before Elijah’s birthday. Risky business planning a trip 48 hours before departure with a toddler (add in an overnight shift for mommy to the mix) but we couldn’t resist!! 

We have visited Mexico City several times, but have made it a point to stay in a different district every time. We love a good switch up! We stayed at Hotel Umbral (Curio Collection by Hilton) in the historic district near City Center. We reaped our AmEx benefits with a room upgrade and property credit (hotel booked through AmEx Travel); our Hilton Gold membership granted us complimentary breakfast that was the best delight to start our day. We didn’t use points to fly as we are saving them for a future trip, but we saved mucho dinero thanks to the dollar to peso conversion. No budgets were busted during this 4 day vacay. 

Per usual, we had zero expectations and no agenda. We wanted to enjoy the weather (L 50’s, H 70’s) and do as the locals do. We enjoyed long meal times, ate chocolate often, and met some new friends. Lots of lounging and a loose schedule that allowed us to step away from our structured reality for a while. 

We went to: Lincoln Park, City Center, Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, National Art Museum, Alameda Central, Polanco, Hotel Umbral in the Historic District

It was giving 2020 vibes with all the mask wearing and strict sanitary, COVID rules but I wasn’t mad about it; we are all about safety and appreciated it. I will admit that it’s weird toggling between wanting to stay at home and wanting to resume normal life. We just want to provide experiences for Esme that will shape her into a powerful woman.. time stops for no one. 

Get you a credit card or two that allows you to rack up points. Join a hotel reward system that synchronizes with your lifestyle and credit card. Make smart purchases that build your points (ie grocery store purchases give you 4x the points. Buy gift cards and alcohol from the grocery store when you can!) and enjoy your rewards with smart traveling. YOU DONT HAVE TO BE RICH TO EXPERIENCE LIFE!!! You just have to know how to play the points game. 

Essentials and Travel Tips: Cybex Eezy S Twist 2 Stroller, WayB car seat, packing cubes, one LARGE shared suitcase for us 3 to share, one carry-on suitcase. Elijah carried a backpack, I carried a large purse that could also fit Esme’s backpack inside. Plenty of snacks for Esme, one blankie and one lovey, 5-6 books and a pouch of toys. Travel sound machine is still a must! Esme sleeps well in a pack n play so I always bring my own crib sheet. I have learned to not over pack; I bring JUST enough and, should I need something, I just buy it. Thankful for being minimal and not overpacking for a “just in case” moment when in a big city like CDMX.


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