Boring is Good.

It’s legit the end of May and this is my first post of 2022… Happy New Year???

Halftime show highlights include our bestie turning 2 years old, a Cali/Texas Easter, a hot girl Ronald weekend in NOLA, and the resumption of “normalcy” mid-pandemic.

We have really honed in on making the best of our time with Esme. Lots of time at the library, adventures with friends at parks, and anything else that allows Esme to grow and explore. We have gone back and forth on starting her in some sort of program but Peanut is thriving at home, and we are loving the flexibility our lives have at this time. Our life has started to get so boring AND WE LOVE IT. Social expectations have lowered, gas is HIGH, and groceries are the price of gold. We are C H I L L I N.

The second half of the year should be more exciting and eventful!! We are looking forward to more traveling, more family time, and less inquiries about having a second child (yall are BAD about asking me this; leave me alone!).

PHOTO WARNING: Esme is super super cute and Husbae is hella fine! Click through at your own RISK!


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