Thinking of where to go in Europe when we first booked our flight a few months ago, Italy was the perfect place to travel to. Considering it’s mid-pandemic, their COVID numbers are low and Rome is completely walkable. Plenty to see, eat, and drink. Overall, 10/10!

Traveling to Europe with a toddler was…… challenging. While it was a lot to handle, E couldn’t have been better. We were really proud of how she slept, ate, and behaved. She had moments every day that almost killed us, but we recovered 🙂 There’s so many stories and moments to elaborate on, but we will save them for another time.

A brief synopsis of how it all went:

We had a layover going there (1.5 hours in Frankfurt) and coming back (an eternal 6 hours in Newark). We stayed in Rome for 7 days, visited all the major landmarks, and moseyed about with the locals & tourists. 

The major part of our comfort and peace during the trip is the mask mandate in place and vaccine requirement. A negative COVID test is required to enter (if you aren’t vaccinated, you must quarantine for X amount of days) and your CDC card or Green Pass must be presented to enter inside almost everywhere. Surgical, KN95, or N95 masks were required for our flight there with Lufthansa. Honestly, that’s what a majority of others wore in the city in general. Being outside so much was the best part! We could actually enjoy fresh air and not smother from the heat like we do here in Texas. We are learning to pack lighter and smarter which is taking a lot of stress off of us both. 

As always, we look forward to the next destination. Traveling is enriching and brings so much value to life. Reserve some time away from every day life and go experience what the world has to offer!

Our favorite things while there:

-PICO WAYB car seat

-Cybex Easy Twist Stroller

-Camilla’s Biscotto gelato

– Osteria da Fortunata pasta

-Peroni beer

-any red wine

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