A New York Minute

We Kellums are trying to put in some serious overtime with traveling. We took a shot at flying with our 13 month old to see if we could really continue to move around the world like we used to. New York City doesn’t sound ideal to bring a baby to, but there were so many elements that would challenge us as parents to help determine if we could keep traveling. Here’s a quick recap on how things went for us during our 3 day stay..


Esme has a JetKids by Stokke suitcase (link below) that was really great for the flight and packing. I referenced a YouTube video on how another mom packed hers for her kids and it was clutch (link below). She napped on the plane and was well entertained with toys. We decided to buy her her own seat and I’m so glad we did. She’s so busy at this age and I don’t regret spending a little extra for that comfort. My SIL told me to bring snacks on snacks on snacks & it saved our life. Eli and I shared a carryon (and one checked bag), Esme had a backpack for diapers and snacks, and then her suitcase. Less bags, less stress. Gate checked the Doona. Boom.

JetKids by Stokke: https://www.stokke.com/USA/en-us/travel/5345.html

Packing Tips: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0omvGg9wvBE


Since Eli worked while we were there, we decided to get hotels with extra living spaces. Esme was able to nap well and move around, and Eli had a space to take calls and work. One hotel we stayed at provided a crib which was so wonderful! BUT the other hotel we stayed at didn’t. We bought this compact packnplay (link below) that can fit into an XL suitcase. Thankfully, Esme slept well in both.

Pack-N-Play: https://www.buybuybaby.com/store/product/dream-on-me-nest-portable-playard/5539240?keyword=dream+on+me

Of course the trip was exhausting!! We had a toddler in New York City in the heat of the summer. I feel like we packed smart and packed well.. Esme ate like a champ, slept great and napped well. Never really fussed which was a big stress relief for us. I did feel a little disgruntled on how quickly things would get disorganized or how forgetful I would be. Maybe it was a one off, but we feel really confident about bringing Little Easy around the globe with us.

Grateful for all the other blogs, IG accounts, and YouTube videos I watched to prepare for it all. I’m actively seeking advice for parents who have traveled with their littles: what are your top 3 must have products when you travel? What is your best travel hack when you bring your kids with you? DO TELL ALL!

I hope we can continue traveling as much as time allows! Here’s some pictures from Lady Liberty’s backyard…

Activities pictured are the Brooklyn Museum of Art- Kaws What a Party, Times Square, M&M Store, Jane’s Carousel, and the Brooklyn Bridge.


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