E Says No Pictures, Please!

E is our newest and greatest best girl! We are biased because she’s ours, but she’s absolutely the best thing in the entire world. She made her debut during such a stressful time (shout out to COVID-19 being our biggest hater) and she has brought us so much peace and love…. and so little sleep 🙂

Elijah has been the ultimate partner. Supportive, helpful, concerned, attentive.. I humbly brag on who he is as a man in our home and now as a Father to Esme. 

It makes us sad to see her face already changing and to know that time is already passing us by. We just hope that she knows every minute she is here is our favorite with her and we couldn’t be more grateful that she chose us. 

Miss E you better buckle up, boo! Your parents are 100% cray and the journey has just begun! 

We chose her name to pay homage to the Louisiana French Creole lineage of her family’s surname.


  1. She’s beautiful!!!!! She looks like Eli to me…her little mouth at least. Perpetually happy for you guys!!! All the love!!!


  2. Simply stated, So beautiful. Congratulations and welcome to the world you beautiful angel

    Uncle Brent


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