How Do You Measure Success

I need not explain my background…if you know, you know. I have been extremely blessed with the ability to travel the world individually and collectively with friends and family. Losing count of the number of memorable experiences, there has always been something I wanted to do: travel with my little brother (bro trip) and take my mother somewhere she never thought she would visit.

Find what’s important to you and do it, but more than  anything, make sure you do it with people who can carry the memory of it all farther than you can. 

UAE – Taking mom to the desert was an easy choice. One of my favorite places and only right that we flew business. Crazy experience and I will never forget my mom’s face when we boarded the plane. 

London – My brother has only been out of the country a few times but never with just him and I. The group of friends I have in London are like extended family and it was important to me for my brother to meet the UK crew. 

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  1. Eli, I’m so happy for you and the life you have accomplished. Most importantly you are sharing it with your love ones. This warms my heart for all of you guys to get to do these things together. Btw, your mom looks amazing and of course you do too! Keep enjoying life and be happy! Love, Barbara

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