One Year In…Who Would Have Known!

What’s that saying about the first year of marriage being the hardest? I never understood why people say that. It has been one of our best years together yet!

“It’ll change when you have kids…”
“Wait until year 5…”
“It’ll get rough when finances fall on hard times…”

Wouldn’t we be foolish if we didn’t know that it will not always be perfect or EASY?! What counts is that we are ready to go the distance for as long as we both can. Hoping our one year bliss extends through a lifetime and into forever.

I suspect even when we are at our lowest point in our marriage one day, we will still be somewhere across the world. Maybe in two separate queen beds but we’ll still be together! Ha!

Costa Rica & Paris for your viewing pleasure.


    1. LOL!! My camera would’ve been at the bottom of the ocean 😂 Eli would’ve been like “oh you have time for pictures now too?!” 😂😂😂


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