not CRAZY. not RICH. not ASIAN.

We are major life planners. Every penny, every minute, every move is always planned & premeditated. Our life is surrounded by the events of friends and family, so we often make travel plans as our excuse to have time to ourselves. We are forever talking about where to go next & what we want to see and this time it was Singapore. Why? Well, just because I guess. The main benefits were that Elijah had been there before & he knew I would love it. It had been a while since we had traveled by ourselves, and while we love sharing experiences with others, we needed this for us. We needed time to stare at each other, to talk amongst each other, and to reset. “Don’t you guys do that at home already?”. YES. YES WE DO. But doing it away from home base eliminates the background noise of everyday life and day to day things that get in the way of focusing on your partner. Part of it is that we don’t have kids, so we have the time and funds to allocate to traveling (for now). But most importantly it’s what works for us. We looove rekindling over seas within different cultures. It gives us the opportunity to discover new things about each other and offers takeaways to bring back home to apply to our life together. 

Singapore was GREEN, busy, expensive, diverse, clean, and just all around dope. I couldn’t put my finger on what their “culture” was and, now that I’m typing this, I realize that that is probably why we loved it so much. We had no expectations and we didn’t have to search or discover what this place was about; it had a different vibe going on and we were feeling it. It was its own and it was free to be experienced by anybody from everywhere. What a rare moment in today’s world: to go somewhere foreign and make your experience what you want it to be. 

Unofficial facts about the city:

  • One of the greenest and most environmentally conscious cities in the world 
  • $USD > $SGD
  • Absolutely expensive. Food and shopping alike. 
  • Uber doesn’t exist there. They have Grab Cab.
  • China and Great Britain indeed had a baby and called it Singapore 
  • English is the primary language
  • Everyone walks and bikes.. some own cars, and of those, a majority of them are hybrid or eco friendly 
  • You can’t chew gum (not sold there) or spit on the ground
  • They offer city life and beach life 
  • It’s rainforest-ish: hot and humid with rain and sunshine. My inner Louisiana girl flourished 🙂
  • And most importantly, a foodie’s paradise 

Favorite city in the world? Top 5 for sure. Would we live there? Probably if we could afford it. Go back? Yes. Flight time? Too damn long but worth it: pick your poison on the flight pattern.

SPEAKING OF FLIGHTS>>>> we had a 2 day layover in Doha by choice. We flew Qatar (pronounced cat-tar) Airways and the plane was beautiful. They had a 3 x 3 x 3 layout in economy & their business class was award winning.

So anyway.. We went to Singapore. Any questions? 


  1. lol. I love this! Makes me want to go to singapore even more!I have been to just their airport, and even then I was impressed! Would you say this was more expensive then china if you have been?

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    1. You should go! It was such a good experience and I want to go back. And yes on expensive! Comparable to Hong Kong and Shanghai in regards to the lifestyle, shopping, and food prices. Of course you can go local and eat cheap (which we did a few times and truly enjoyed!). One of our friends said everything is taxed because it’s all imported so something we pay $10 for here in the states could cost $13-$14. The irony since most of stuff is MADE IN CHINA 😏 It was doable of course. We are two middle class people who work and save to travel so depending on where you stay and eat can change the experience. I will say I’ll never forget paying for $180 for a seafood buffet for 2, $110 for burgers and beers, and Vegas prices for alcohol 😭😑 You live & you learn!!


    1. You would love it! If we ever move, we’ll just take you with us LOL you are amongst a rare few that travel the world and explore it the way we do!!


  2. So eloquently stated. Love reading your post and your lives! #couplegoals
    And yes you are Asian at heart!!!!
    Y’all are pretty stinkin’ amazing! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. You know I feel that at some point in my past life I was an East Asian lady! LOL Thank you for being such a sweet friend!


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