The “OMG YESSSSSS!!!” part of the story

It’s always all in the details. Who? What? Where? When? How? What romantic story remains entertaining without the drooling details of how it all went down? 

We were in Amsterdam in the middle of winter. The city held no special significance to us except its simplicity and that it’s somewhere we had never been before. I had just passed nursing school boards, Eli was done with his MBA, and we literally just wanted to relax. Our relationship had been on edge for 2 years, both of us choosing to put our education first, and we felt that we deserved to just “be”.   

His proposal was unexpected as we drank cocktails at the rooftop bar of The W overlooking the city.  He opened the ring box and hit me with a dream one-liner: “Will you marry me?”. And that was it. As he put the ring on my finger, I was FaceTiming my parents to share the news while rushing to grab the Uber that was taking us back to the airport for part II of our London adventure. No speech, no camera, no flowers. It was perfect and I will never forget it. We just stared at each other and shyly laughed because we both finally got what we wanted and needed. Just us with no distractions, no fluff, and no scene.  It’s always in the details, but for us this time, it was the lack thereof that made it unforgettable. 

I share this story for the sake of the page of course and not to brag about how different we are or to shame others on how their romance plays out. What makes our relationship work is that it’s our version, made for us, designed by us, and fulfilled by us. It’s how we have chosen to operate through the last 8 years of change and growth. 

Who, what, when, where, how, but more importantly why. And the “Why” to that underwhelming proposal is why I would say yes a million times over again. 

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